Who We Are

Authentic Homemade Pasta, using only the freshest of Ingredients.

Our story starts in Rome where our founder Simone trained in some of the best kitchen’s in the world. Having moved to London he felt the pasta quality was not up to Roman standards. With this in mind he set about opening his first restaurant with the unique concept of serving traditional homemade pasta dishes in a quick, reasonable and authentic way.

Initially inspired by his mother’s cooking, Simone honed his skills in traditional Roman cuisine at top restaurants in central Rome. After moving to London in 2007, he gained further experience at renowned establishments before founding Pasta Remoli in 2011. Simone and his wife Francesca are the driving force behind the brand, selecting the finest ingredients to craft exceptional homemade pasta and sauces. At Remoli, we take pride in being a small, family-run business dedicated to serving excellence in every dish.

Our team has tirelessly scoped the Italian farms & producers to ensure we can deliver the sauces that are fully packed with traditional flavours and with a perfect consistency to pair perfectly with our fresh pasta.

With an eye on inclusivity and sustainability, we have developed our vegan, gluten free & wholewheat pastas so that everyone can experience the authentic flavours that Simone Remoli is recreating from his happy childhood days.